Heating Cable

Heating cables – single core

Fluropolymer insulated, screened and PVC insulated cables are stocked in a wide range of resistance values and in two different overall diameters: 2mm and 5mm. These are used for floor heating and a range of commercial applications.
All of these are screened types for safety.

Self-limiting heating cables

Heatec stock four different types of parallel core self-limiting (often referred to as self-regulating) heating cable.

  1. Low output type (25 W/m) is used for freezer drain lines and some pipe tracing applications.
  2. Medium output type (45 W/m) for some industrial applications.
  3. High output (60 W/m) for high output industrial applications.
  4. A type designed specifically for maintaining insulated hot water pipes at around 60 C.

Note the above output figures are under typical running conditions, and will vary accordingly.

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