Freezer doorway heating pads

Heated doorway pads

Floor heating pads are used across the width of the doorway and to about one metre out from the door, for one of two reasons:

  • With freezers, to de-ice the floor, avoiding the slippery and dangerous surface.
  • With cold rooms, to melt any ice carried through the door opening and assist in evaporating water.

The doorway separating the freezer from a colder space may typically have a pad both inside and outside the opening.

Heatec will determine the watts (heat) density to suit.

The doorway pads are usually supplied as a pair of 240V heating cables pre-attached to light gauge mesh and fitted with cold tails.

The mat is simply tied down to the top reinforcing of the wearing slab, prior to the pouring of concrete and the cold tails unrolled to be positioned against the wall beside the doorway.

It is important that the location of bollards and their fixings are taken into account.

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