Heating cables and controls for floor heating and a range of commercial applications

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Heating System

Floor Heating

Enjoy safe and even warmth.
Great for bathrooms

Animal pen heating

Safely embedded floor heating: the answer to keeping them warm

Propagation Bed Heating

Get seedlings off to a fast start despite the cold weather

Pipe tracing

Maintaining temperature in pipes and tanks can be critical for some industrial processes

Coldroom and freezer industry heating cable applications

Frost Heave Protection

Another of Heatec’s specialities. We can supply kits, or attend to installation in most areas.

Condensation Control

Problems with condensation on columns, along walls or other surfaces?  Heatec may have the answer.

Cold Room and Freezer Door Heaters

We have the largest range of cable types and can supply overnight to most of Australia.

Freezer doorway heating pads

Heatec has the solution to slippery ice covered doorways.

Drying Equipment

For dehydrating a variety of food products

Drying and Freezing Trays

Heatec manufactures efficient dehydration equipment and drying trays, to provide economical batch drying.

Heating cable supplies

Rely on our long experience to select and promptly dispatch your heating cable to any address.